“I have a dumb idea, but it also might be brilliant.”

Russell Nohelty has been pitching this idea to people for years with lackluster results until he met Lee Savino at The Future of Publishing Mastermind and they vibed together.

The idea is as simple as it is complex. Even though Russell is a USA Today bestselling author whose made over $500,000 on Kickstarter alone, almost none of his 40+ novels are on retailers. In fact, his three most popular series (The Godsverse Chronicles, The Obsidian Spindle Saga, and Dragon Strife) which have accounted for hundreds of thousands in Kickstarter and direct sales, have never been put on retailers at all.

When Lee heard that she just about fell out of her seat, but then she fell in love with the idea of launching them live through a podcast and talking through all the ups and downs with people as they happen.

So, after a first meeting that went so well they decided to record it, Lee and Russell started a podcast with the express intent to launch his series The Godsverse Chronicles on retailers, failing and succeeding along the way to help you launch better books.

Even though it started as a retailer centric show, it has evolved to include the entire indie author industry, including Kickstarter, Substack, Patreon, Shopify, and much more.

Join Russell, Lee, and oodles of special guests as they show you how to launch books better and create your first, or next, six-figure opportunity.

Who is Russell Nohelty?

Russell Nohelty (www.russellnohelty.com) is a USA Today bestselling fantasy author who has written dozens of novels and graphic novels including The Godsverse Chronicles, The Obsidian Spindle Saga, and Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter. He is the publisher of Wannabe Press, co-host of the Kickstart Your Book Sales podcast, cofounder of the Writer MBA training academy, and cofounder of The Future of Publishing Mastermind. He also co-created the Author Ecosystem archetype system to help authors thrive. You can take the quiz to find your perfect ecosystem at www.authorecosystem.com or find most of his writing on his Substack at theauthorstack.com. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dogs.

Who is Lee Savino?

Lee Savino is a seven-figure romance author with multiple USA Today and Top 100 Amazon bestsellers who also has coached multiple authors.

She has extensive expertise in selling direct, going wide, rapid releasing, and branding, as well as less commonly explored (but extremely lucrative) areas such as translations.

She runs the Millionaire Author Mastermind Facebook group, and co-teaches the Money Magic Membership with Renee Rose, the Six Figure Strategy Course with Nick Eriks, and the Seven Figure Author course with herself.

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USA Today bestselling author of fantasy books and comics who sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping authors create sustainable businesses that light them up inside.
Lee Savino is a seven-figure romance author with multiple USA Today and Top 100 Amazon bestsellers who also has coached multiple authors.