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Episode 1 - A dumb, possibly brilliant idea


Episode 1: Join us for our first Six Figure Author Experiment: launching Russell’s fantasy series, the Godsverse Chronicles. The series is written and complete, with covers and audio done and ready to go. Russell had great success launching this series on Kickstarter and now it’s time to publish them wide on book retailers. Lee and Russell discuss pre-order strategy with Monica Leonelle, including: 

  • The best way to juice the algorithm for success over on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo and other book retailers 

  • How to maximize your launch week on Amazon by publishing audio, paperback, hardback and ebook formats together to get an algorithmic boost

  •  What ‘merchandising’ on wide retailers is and why it can give your book the best chance of success

  • How PublishDrive, Draft to Digital and Findaway Voices by Spotify can save you time and sanity 

  • Pricing strategies including whether to launch full price or at a discount


We want to hear from you! Let us know what you’re launching now and what was your favorite part of this episode. 

The Six Figure Author Experiment
The Six Figure Author Experiment Podcast
USA Bestselling Authors Lee Savino and Russell Nohelty conduct experiments and talk to experts about how to build a six figure career.