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Episode 10 - Lazy Launches and Marketing Fails


This week Russell and Lee talk about everything. We’re calling this style podcast a “Mess-ipode.” 

Do you like this free form (Squirrel!) conversation or do you prefer a more structured episode? Or do you not notice a difference? :P 

Opening credits and editing by the amazing Jim Wilbourne. 

  • Lazy launches or Do as Lee says, not as she does

  • “Life is so lifey”

  • How do you level up as a creator?

  • Delegating and firing or how Russell blew $30,000 on marketing but learned a lot

  • Lee’s conference strategy 

  • Manifesting and creating your dream life

  • “Bet on people not projects”  

  • Lee’s rules for co-writing and collaboration: 

    • Love the other person’s creations 

    • Start small

    • Do your best but don’t be precious 

    • 1+1 = 1 million

    • If your gut says no to a handshake agreement, don’t sign a contract 

  • Russell reveals the secret to everything 

  • Russell’s secret society - the cult of Russell–and how you can join


The Six Figure Author Experiment
The Six Figure Author Experiment Podcast
USA Bestselling Authors Lee Savino and Russell Nohelty conduct experiments and talk to experts about how to build a six figure career.