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Episode 5 - I like big book launches, and I cannot lie.


Episode 5: Monica Leonelle joins Lee and Russell to discuss big launches. We run down a laundry list of the things Lee Savino and her cowriter did for their biggest launches (which resulted in each book hitting the USA today bestseller list back in 2021-2022). Then we asked Russell: What sounds fun for you? 

Opening credits and editing by the amazing Jim Wilbourne. 

The Book Launch Laundry list: 

  1. Bookbub pre-order promotions 

  2. Social media posts, giveaway posts

  3. Goodreads giveaways

  4. ARC Team vs Street Team 

  5. Your own newsletter 

  6. Newsletter Swaps with author peers

  7. Merchandising at Kobo, Barnes and Noble

  8. Newsletter promo sites like Bargainbooksy (Lee used’s Promo stacker and clicked “Give me the Max”) 

  9. Pay per click ads Lee hasn’t had much success with: Amazon ads, tiktok ads, Bookbub ads, Snap chat ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads 

  10. Facebook ads, including self-liquidating offers like running ads to a direct store

  11. Not discussed: affiliate marketing and video content marketing on Reels, Tiktok and Youtube shorts  

Ask yourself “What on this list sounds fun to try for my next launch?” 


Monica Leonelle’s Book Sales Supercharged series

And the Written Word Media Book Marketing template:

The Six Figure Author Experiment
The Six Figure Author Experiment Podcast
USA Bestselling Authors Lee Savino and Russell Nohelty conduct experiments and talk to experts about how to build a six figure career.